Welcome to the Washington State Mineral Council

The Washington State Mineral Council is dedicated to the location and conservation of rock and mineral sites of interest to the rockhounds of Washington state.

The Council is also committed to the Rockhound’s Code of Ethics and to educating the general public about the benefits of the lapidary, rock and mineral collecting, and fossil collecting hobbies as family oriented activities in which people of all ages may participate.

Through its Wagonmaster arm the WSMC conducts field trips several times a year. These trips offer the rock hound the opportunity to collect material with experienced guides.

The WSMC is made up of the representatives of over 25 rock and mineral collecting / lapidary clubs spanning the state. Further information may be obtained by email (see link below)) or by snail mail at: 4316 N. E. 10th, Renton, WA  98059